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Sunday, March 26, 2017

the best investing advice I ever got

years ago, one of my oldest friends, let's call him "daniel" (himself incidentally the son of a legendary investor), was consoling me.

for what you may ask?

another friend had excluded me from some event. i was in my 20's and such things felt mortally significant.

with perspective, i now know that the negative feelings that arise from being excluded  is fairly universal among humans of any age and of most cultures. in the worst cases, it causes otherwise smart people to do horrific things. these days in the generally overvalued prvt tech markets its characterized by the acronym FOMO.

in any case, "daniel" said to me: "why do you give a shit what he thinks?"

that turns out to be the best investing advice i ever got.

the desire for acceptance is a wonderful human trait but it is one investors should reflect on. how long can we go without it and for what reasons would we pursue it?

a chip on the shoulder isn't a bad thing unless it weighs you and your portfolio down.

-- END --

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