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Sunday, October 5, 2014

5775: "We pile up possessions, but don't know how to account for our lives"

"We pile up possessions, but don't know how to account for our lives"

The annual Jewish fall festival is upon us. It's a period of reflection and renewal. the quote above - from the special prayer book we use this time of year - stuck with me. it's not our "things" that define us. never has been.

but what does define us?

In the midst of a 25-hour fast, I'll answer another question: why do we have an annual ritual of cathartic slate cleaning and resolutions? maybe because we're defined by our effort to define ourselves. from there we can pretty much go wherever we want.

and that gets me to a (Jewish) new year resolution; take a bit more care of my wits and ideas, not write them off as silly, stupid, impossible or replicable by anyone. i don't think there's much unique or unusual about me but even small differences matter. if I have an investment position to take that's diligently researched and well thought out, or if I see an opportunity to benefit that other's don't, there's no harm in pursuing it.

a 25-hour fast and long day surrounded by one voice singing will amplify all kinds of crazy ideas, but reinforcing that one isn't such a bad idea.